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About Scott

Scott M. Vecchi, Esq brings a unique combination of skills that are invaluable in an elected official.

As an Attorney, Scott possesses a strong working knowledge of government functions, along with the constitutional requirements and limitations imposed on our system of government.

As an Owner/President of a local start-up business, Scott created 8 Full-Time and 10 Part-Time jobs during a difficult economic period. This revitalized a defunct local business that now provides much needed transportation throughout the greater Plymouth area.

As a Police Sergeant, Scott gained valuable public employee management skills, along with Government procurement and Union negotiation skills that cannot be taught and can only be attained through experience.

Scott is fiscally responsible and believes that government should only spend what it can afford. Scott maintains awareness that funds ultimately belong to the people and should be managed frugally and in the people’s best interest.

Scott is a strong believer in Green Energy and Environmental Awareness, recognizing that these are the future of energy in America. With Community input, Scott will responsibly bring Photovoltaic and Wind Power to County properties to offset the growing cost of energy.

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